Plastic can be a solid, testing the cross which underwent Pocophone F1 confirm this

Xiaomi Pocophone F1; Poco F1

Latest phone Pocophone F1 sensation in the world of Android phones, thanks to the specifications of the technical high end and the price exceptional. But, of course, to reduce costs to the maximum extent possible, the police had to give up some things, and in this case the company decided to sacrifice the material that the phone was manufactured.

The structure consists of the phone is completely plastic, including the side frame which has raised some concerns about its hardness. Well, to verify the suitability of the phone Pocophone F1, I decided to channel JerryRigEverything famous on YouTube. subjecting this phone testing cross the usual.

As you’ll notice, though, that the phone Pocophone F1 is made of plastic but he succeeded in passing the tests successfully, so much so that it embarrassed some of the smart phones made of metal which has been subjected to the same tests in the past, and the only negative in this phone is that it is prone to scratches by coins and keys in pocket. Of course, this does not seem surprising given the nature of soft plastics unlike the solid nature of the Institute.

The best thing is that the phone screen Pocophone F1 can afford scratches to the previous level of scale Mohs while can sensor fingerprint download scratches. However, we suggest you watch the full video because it’s more than worth watching.

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