Plants inspired scientists to create a robot

In 2014, the team of inventors from the Italian research centre in Genoa has created a tree, Plantoid. It is fully printed on 3D-printer and equipped with sensors to measure temperature, humidity and recognition of chemical substances. Several years later, the team was told about another strange invention — a robot that moves on vertical objects like a climbing plant. What such a robot could be useful is not yet clear, but there is an interesting assumption.


Robot plant represents a flexible tube, made of a thermoplastic polymer called polyethylene terephthalate. It does not require a lot of energy, so that his work lacks even the 1.3 volt battery. The tube is filled with liquid with a high content of ions when the robot energy is supplied, these ions are attracted to the bottom of the tube and compress design. When the power goes out, the robot body is again in the sky.

Before creating the robot, the researchers calculated that for more free movement stem thickness should not exceed 1 mm. At the moment it has no use — possibly a small power and the ultimate fragility of the system. It is believed that in the future this robot will be useful in exploration. You can also assume that this design will be part of Wearables like watches for example, the strap can be tightened.

This is not the only project the team of researchers. They have already started the development of robot Growbot, able to grow depending on the surrounding conditions. Moreover, the developers claim that it will be able to recognize the types of surfaces.

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