Planets can rotate around black holes

Many of us know that the planets revolve around stars, stars revolve around the galactic center, and galaxies, in turn, revolve around a hypothetical “Great attractor”. However, did you know that planets can revolve around not only familiar to us, but even around black holes? A groundbreaking study of the last days could reveal the secret of the phenomenon, which previously could only be hypothetically described in the stories of science fiction writers of the twentieth century.

Supermassive black holes can also have their own planetary systems

What will become of the planet if there would be a black hole?

A black hole is a giant space object, the force of attraction which is so great that no one, even the most tiny and fast a photon of light cannot leave its area. Despite the fact that earlier it was widely believed that black holes are a kind of cosmic Wanderers lone, research specialists from the University of Bordeaux can completely refute this statement. So, the scientists were able to prove that supermassive black holes are capable to acquire their own planets, which in order not to be swallowed up by its formidable neighbour, should be from it on distance of 10 light years.

Due to the fact that supermassive black holes are tremendous objects that have dimensions in the hundreds or even thousands of times more than our Sun, around these giant structures can be up to 10 000 planets of different sizes, creating in this way the original kind of the solar system.

If the black hole appears randomly too close to its planet, then for the latter, this will not result in anything good. To an outside observer it may seem that the planet is just stuck in space without any movement, but in fact, the object approached the black hole would almost immediately torn apart. This effect is due to the fact that the time around the black hole is strongly curved due to its enormous gravity, which can’t get even the tiniest photons of light.

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The planet, located some distance from the black hole, can quite easily exist without the threat of being destroyed by a giant space monster attraction

As the planets formed?

It is believed that planets are usually formed by particles of dust and gas, gathering together around the star, which gradually builds up to create a complete celestial body — for example, in the milky Way. Astronomers have found that such clouds of gas and dust, which are collected in protoplanetary disks around young stars behave in exactly the same manner as supermassive black holes.

Earlier observations of supermassive black holes have shown that these cosmic objects show a strong deceleration time, which can even hinder the formation of planets. Despite this, the scientists were able to detect that planet, located at a distance of from 10 to 30 light-years can undergo the process of formation similar to the planets of the conventional stellar systems.

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In other words, it is possible that very soon we will be able to witness the opening of millions of brand new worlds, the concept of formation which differs from the standard, which makes it even more interesting to find and study potential.

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