Plane without a pilot solar-powered orbiting the Earth in a special mission.. you know it!

Use the plane to “see” Astigan to investigate around the Earth, by next year, for a special mission to capture high-resolution images of the earth, with the aim of recording and monitoring changes in the Earth.

Developed the solar plane that flies without a pilot team of agency “orders surf” Ordance Survey, the British specialized in maps, with the Professional Engineers of British specialists in aviation.

Jet “see” is solar-powered plane, with a wingspan of 38 meters, and a height of 20 kilometres, twice the height of the flight of the Boeing 747, the aircraft can investigation continued for 90 days before you need it to land.

It includes the task of “see”, in addition to supporting government goals, such as modernizing the infrastructure in the UK, providing data for maps, three-dimensional, to be more accurate than available now, particularly data that relate to smart city self-driving cars.

The plane eligible also for use in monitoring climate and the environment, such as the polar ice caps, deforestation, and providing early warning, surveillance, and communications during natural disasters.

The responsible fan of the aircraft “seen” in the possibility of re-routed to fly over a specific place when needed, as opposed to the satellites that pick up orbit about the Earth, in addition to its ability to carry high resolution cameras and a lot of the communications equipment when needed.

Around fears of penetration “see” the peculiarities of human beings, assured organizers of the project photographed the Earth in the vertical, that is, it can’t recognize any human face in the images that you capture.

The making of “see” in the same source that was Facebook Facebook to develop its unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) “Aquila” Aquila, in the county of Somerset, south west England, which hopes the Facebook in use to deliver internet to the most remote places in the world, so before you choose Facebook, the company “Airbus” Airbus for this purpose last year.

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