Plane fare self-command of the Boeing succeeded in the first flight not


Boeing knows a lot about planes, so if there is a company you can expect success in the test aircraft taxi self-drive, you’ll be the Boeing. Has announced the company that its electric self-driving Boeing VTOL has completed the first flight successfully. What that means is that the plane was able to takeoff and the landing by itself without any intervention from the pilot.

Boeing is one of the many companies working on the development of aircraft that can basically be aircraft taxi self-driving in the future. These aircraft can take off and land vertically and therefore this removes the need for listed.

The test conducted by Boeing was successful by all accounts. Plane was Boeing self-leadership capable of taking off and the landing. However, still in front of the Boeing a lot of work, so why is test flying forward, not to mention that it is not also a test to move to the flight modes front.

However, still Boeing advanced several steps away from the aircraft similar to that being worked on by many other companies. Tell Boeing that upon completion of the process of development, will become this drone part of the system ” development of Civil Air ” which will transport passengers across the note that will be able to this drone cut a distance of up to 50 miles before needing a recharge.

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