Pixel 3 XL available on the Black Market at a price of 2000$

During the past few hours, the leakage of the pixel 3 XL video and photos of the Fund for the phone, as well as sample pictures taken by the camera; it seems that the source of all leaks back to the account of a Ukrainian on the team shows a copy -often stolen – from the phone.

The account of the Ukrainian collaborate with media agencies on behalf of the Wyslacom; you’ll find the watermark of our images (below) leaked from a video taken from the account team, which announced the sale of the unit pixels 3 XL limited quantity in England at a price of$2,000.

Perhaps some may think that those fraudulent court, but Acer ASBYT confirmed its availability with the seller who confirmed that the phone in his possession, as confirmed to 9to5Google that the source of some leaks I got on the pixels 3 XL from the same seller.

We urge our followers to avoid getting pixel 3 XL from the seller, which is expected to relate to Google on the women stolen and modified.

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