Pixel 3 Lite young adults appear in full in the video

Apple has its iPhone XR and Samsung will S10 Lite with a version of the tenth series of the Galaxy S, it seems that Google will enter the competition by light or more of the pixels 3.

We talked in detail before about version Pixel 3 Lite small, as we pointed out the likelihood of attachable phone large carries the same specifications but several consequent on variation in size such as screen size and battery capacity.

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While coming Pixel 3 Lite small screen 5.5-inch will come the big screen 6 inch, to be without (protrusion) of the Note screen, and the top edges of the Lower very large, despite the abandonment of the speaker down and retain the speaker and one upstairs works as a headset calls also, you get rid of the two phones camera selfie-third, which offers a wide field of vision.

It seems that behind the phone will be made from reinforced plastic instead of glass luxury. And what will a lot of the phones available is the presence of USB port C-port, the sky a traditional 3.5 mm.

Reported leaks to pixels 3 Lite will come with a processor Snapdragon 670 with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage capacity, battery 2915 mAh, and the Android System 9 from the fund, to be officially available late January or February next at a price ranging between 400$-500$ often — don’t Take My 600$ anyway.


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