Pixel 3 Lite will be the most important smartphone for Google in 2019

Over the past few years, Google from just the Creator of the Android operating system moved into the rank of a fairly successful manufacturer of smartphones with its line Google Pixel. Successfully launched in 2016 with the first Pixel in the year 2018 we received one of the best smartphones in General in the face of the Google Pixel 3. However, it is still a flagship device, not accessible to everyone and is not the first month rumor “pixel” smartphone in the medium price range. And if this really happens, then the new phone will be one of the most important devices in 2019.

According to the latest insiders, Google is able to imagine a mainstream version of its smartphone this spring. And if you remember that at this time of year the conference is held I\O, the information can be quite real, because the best opportunity for the announcement and it is difficult to imagine.

The leaked photo supposedly shows what can be Pixel 3 Lite

What to expect from the “Lite” version of the smartphone

Most likely, the changes will affect the materials and instead of glass or metal, we get plastic. Also with high probability we will get a less powerful Qualcomm processor, less memory and less fancy display. However, that’s what I would not like is a “simplification” of the camera. It is one of the main advantages of the device, demonstrating excellent image quality and decent stabilization system. So maintaining the camera while reducing the cost of the device will be a great argument for buying a gadget. What else? There is information that the “Junior” model will have a 3.5 mm headphone Jack, which for some users will be a fairly noticeable advantage.

In the case of Pixel 3 Lite will make phones available for the completely new market of consumers. Not all admirers of the search giant can afford to purchase the flagship device. Pixel Lite 3 will expand the coverage of the audience, especially if its price will be around $ 300. The “take away” the audience, the fans of flagship devices Lite 3 is not, because most of the major manufacturers of Android smartphones have been developing line in a similar way.

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