Pirates Ross suffocate European embassies by Excel and TeamViewer

Revealed the security report on the target group of Pirates Russian embassies belonging to the European states in the several countries around the world from Lebanon by sending emails containing attachments malicious look as official documents sent from the Ministry of foreign affairs of America.

According to a report the security company and the protection Check Point, the Pirates targeted the embassies of European countries in Italy, Lebanon, Nepal, Kenya, Liberia and others. They adopted the style of the malicious attachments through the use of Excel files in package macro looks like she issued by the Ministry of foreign affairs of America.

As soon as you open the attached file malicious it allows hackers complete control over a user’s computer through the program to talk about after the famous TeamViewer as it is modifying some of its files.

And it seems so far that these attacks stands behind Russia as a state and the government, in the sense that they are not attacks specifically designed to target certain quarters due to the implementation of the state and the victims.

The report noted that the Pirates were targeting in particular the financial officers. And the attacks are complex, planning, organization and use of documents prepared specifically for each goal and to choose goals carefully with attention to not leaving any information or the effects of personality.

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