Pirates of the internet steal millions of dollars via the ATM

قراصنة انترنت يسرقون ملايين الدولارت عبر الصراف الآلي ATM

According to a report from company Symantec after security computer protection from hacking to a group of inventors who have stolen millions of dollars from ATMs in different parts of Asia and Africa, the gang responsible for these robberies in the name Lazarus include information that is relevant with apartments government in North Korea, where the use of inventors malicious software to retain and withdraw money from the ATM.

The use of malicious software as Trojan.Fastcash to steal funds, by issuing orders in a fraudulent manner for the server located in the bank after penetrating the network, this command is a request to process a withdrawal of funds you this software by giving the consent of the fakes on the process allows hackers to withdraw the amount.

The report noted that gang Lazarus no track record of activity of the gas legitimate from intrusions, respect and being a gang active in this area has focused initially on the operations of the business hacking accounts and access information, in many of their recent attacks motivated by theft of money including robbing a Bank, Bangladesh’s central $ 81$ billion.

The report said being a gang Lazarus pose a threat to the seriousness of the financial sector, so should all the affiliated institutions of this council to take all the security precautions and make sure the safety of their financial systems and international updated to avoid the occurrence of such intrusions in their systems.

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