Pipe 2 headset supports quality acoustics with the standards of USB C Price $ 40

Provided company Aiaiai for smart phone users to hear a Pipe 2 which supports the USB standards C, which is a good choice in headphones that combine quality sound and the price of $ 40.


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Started a lot of smartphone manufacturers in adopting standards USB C charging outlets to support the use of the heavens, but the choices available to users is still limited between pricing high or the quality of the audio less, only to hear the Pipe 2 is one of the choices offered to the user the quality of the acoustics with the price of $ 40.

It was to hear the Bullets made of OnePlus, One of the best choices made in headphones USB C in the last period, which combines the reasonable price of $ 20 with a comfortable experience in use and a good level also in acoustics, however, experience the best in audio offering from the company Aiaiai Danish with headphone Pipe 2.

Come hear the Pipe 2 at a price of $ 40 which is the price double for OnePlus, they make design more robust and improvements in acoustics with clarity or more points in acoustics.

Have revealed the practical experience also for the Pipe 2 for efficiency in acoustics and comfortable experience in use of not less than the level of hearing of the Bullets, only to hear a OnePlus designed to support produce audio with bass average -, while focused company Aiaiai in the design of the Pipe 2 to support the sky at frequencies give audio harmonious and natural with the possibility to adjust the headphones according to the user’s preference.

Also come hear the Pipe 2 at a higher level للbass except that offers of Aiaiai the report produces the sound three-dimensional, where the police were able to design this version professionally in acoustics and exterior design also which includes wire design, more thickness, and a remote control designed to be distinctive also.


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