Pinterest introduces its IPO


Provide the social network to share images pinterest application for listing their shares on the stock exchange and its IPO.

The company’s revenue last year of $ 750 million results in a net loser by about $ 75 million, but trimmed its losses from $ 200 million in the previous year. The company received investments of about $ 1.5 million lifted its market value to $ 12 million. It is the largest investment, the risk that injected the financing is to Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Fidelity Investments and Valiant Capital Management.

And Pinterest to a group of major US technology companies that are moving for an IPO this year or next such as AWeber, lever, Slack, Airbnb and Postmates.

It is expected that the lead wave of the IPO to the appearance of the owners of the millions of new and the formation of Silicon Valley and perhaps the industry of technology startups and tech America.

Launched Pinterest in 2010 and its revenue from advertising, mainly where it has 250 million monthly active users created 4 million board default install images, where the total number of existing images on the product 175 million image.

Developed Pinterest their technology significantly in the field of computer vision and image recognition, serving 2 billion searches with key words you know the results of their search according to what you understand the algorithm by the audio content.

And Pinterest itself as a major competitor to companies online that provide the tools as the search engines or electronic commerce, or stream content, video and social networks. And Pinterest in the middle distance between being a tool to become a content or a social network, so we can see them compete with Google more than they do with Facebook.

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