Pill with tiny needles deliver drugs in the body is not worse than the injections

According to statistics, about 20% of the post-Soviet countries suffer from trypanophobia — fear of syringes and injections. The origin of this phobia is not surprising, because surely everyone in childhood have done quite painful injections in the buttocks and the memories are still forced to fear the doctors. And sometimes without injections not do, because some drugs useless in pill form — they lose all their healing properties in the acidic environment of the stomach. However, scientists from the us state of Massachusetts have figured out how to solve this problem. They have developed a tiny capsule that, when swallowed, can withstand the aggressive environment of the stomach and introduces the drug into the intestinal wall with the help of tiny needles.

The fear of medicines, in turn, called pharmacophobia

According to researchers, the human gut is one of the best places for medication. They have at least two reasons for this assumption. First, the surface of the intestine has a huge area of 250 square meters, so a capsule with tiny needles can inject almost anywhere and not miss. Secondly, in this region of the gastrointestinal tract virtually no nerve endings, so the process of introduction of medicine should be completely painless.

From now on, the injections can not be afraid

Pill that in the future could save doctors and patients from injections, has a very simple. When a person swallows the capsule, it enters the stomach and without harm to themselves pass from the acid environment due to coating of resistant polymer. Once in the intestine, the capsule reveals the three “wing” with millimeter needles with medicines. Once inside the intestinal wall, they release the medication and begin to dissolve. In General, the need for injections in the buttocks or another part of the body does not have to take a pill and wait a bit.

It looks like the capsule is opened in

How to normalize blood sugar level?

Researchers believe that using such capsules can be taken completely different medications. However, special emphasis is put on insulin, because patients with diabetes are forced to enter it in the form of injections almost every day. Not only is this very unpleasant process, so also from the numerous injections on human skin can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Eating pills, all of these consequences can be easily avoided.

Did you know that type II diabetes can be cured in four months?

Scientists have tested medicinal capsules on laboratory pigs and everything went just fine. Tablet without any problems passed through the hostile environment of the stomach and released the drug in a more benign conditions of the intestine. The researchers believe that the tiny needles do not harm human tissues and penetrate only to a safe depth of the intestinal wall, and therefore does not cause any side effects.

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However, at the moment, scientists have other methods of normalizing blood sugar levels in diabetics. For example, in 2018 the Swiss scientists have developed a special capsulewhich begins to release insulin every time a person drinks coffee. It is an alternative to daily injections is also worthy of attention, but the idea of a needle capsules still seems more interesting and promising. What do you think?

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