Piece KeySmart Pro to organize and track keys using the phone

The keys cause a problem for many people, especially if they are many, in addition to the loss constant. More recently, many products aimed at helping people to organize keys and find them in case of loss, such as a piece KeySmart Pro smart. This piece is simple enough to let you install your own keys instead of leaving them random than noise and up to 10 keys to add to the remote control, however, the most interesting is the possibility to easily find them in case of lost through application on smart phones. Can’t find your keys? Open the application on your phone to locate it easily. Can’t find your phone? Double-click here on the button in the widget to be launched a notification from the phone, even if it is on silent mode. The problem with this type of product is that they come from a non-removable battery, non-rechargeable, which means you need to buy a new one after the death of the battery. But the piece KeySmart Pro rechargeable, and companions hold up up to 3 months, according to the company. The price of this piece on Amazon for 60$ it is possible to buy them from here.

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