Pictures.. Samsung unveils my phone Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M10

The company announced the Samsung phone its latest Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20, via a technical conference was held recently in India, where it has both screen Infinity-V, two camera at the back, with the work through the operating system Android Oreo 8.1, in addition to the other specifications make it clear now for each phone individually.

Galaxy M20

بالصور.. سامسونج تكشف عن هاتفي Galaxy M20 و Galaxy M10

Outperform phone M20 to M10 in the area of the screen IPS LCD, 6.3 inch, strictly 2340*bus, which includes camera selfie accurately 8 mega pixels, a camera allocated to it to unlock the device with the face, next to the 2 camera, one with 13 mega pixels, and other wide-angle 5-megapixel.

بالصور.. سامسونج تكشف عن هاتفي Galaxy M20 و Galaxy M10

Works Galaxy the M20 via the processor Exynos 7904, with random access memory up to 3 GB or 4 GB, varies according to each market, with the situation in mind that your phone storage of 64 GB.

Up the battery capacity of your phone M20 to 5000mAh, charging via charger Samsung Rapid is الـ15W, through the USB port, it also has a phone socket for the sky, and a fingerprint scanner at the back.

Galaxy M10

بالصور.. سامسونج تكشف عن هاتفي Galaxy M20 و Galaxy M10

Phone needs the M10 on a slightly smaller screen than that of Galaxy M20, where an area of 6.2 inch, and strictly less further up to 1520*720 pixels, with a selfie camera resolution up to 5 mega pixels.

In the back, there are 2 camera as was the case in the Galaxy M20, one with 13 mega pixels, and a resolution of 5 Mega Pixels, however the difference here is the lack of phone Galaxy M10 on the fingerprint scanner.

بالصور.. سامسونج تكشف عن هاتفي Galaxy M20 و Galaxy M10

It retracts a distance of the battery has the M10 compared to cell M20, where the 3430mAh, without the portability of the Fast shipping, the phone supports by the processor of the Exynos 7870 SoC, memory random access of either 2 or 3 GB, the storage capacity of 32 GB.

In the end, it seems that the price difference between the two phones won’t more than 35 euros, a difference which cannot be underestimated, considering that this category of phones is supposed to afford prices relatively lower than the other, what will be reported formally during the coming period.

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