Pictures leaked specifications of the phone Shawty new Pocophone F1 !

Use company Shao Chinese to launch its new series Xiaomi Pocophone, to Europe with the latest processors Qualcomm’s leading Snapdragon 845, you have to monitor with you in the thread earlier, the diversion rate and some of the details of flagship phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1, but today we have leaked with new features more obvious.

This comes to the registration of the certificate of permit to the Bluetooth of your phone, with a paper with information the phone, confirming leaks coming Xiaomi Pocophone F1 processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, with settings camera Double background and large battery capacity 4000 mAh .

The photos illustrate the background of the phone wallpaper from anodized aluminum, which eliminates the idea of wireless charging, together with the USB-C connector and a headphone 3.5 mm at the top.

You find the sensor fingerprints of the bottom of the camera settings the background, while we find the phone interface front-end is substantially similar to the design of the Mi 8 SE, with the side edges bump “note” is relatively large.

Phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 will comes with a 5.99-inch accurately 2160x1080px, with front Shawty new MIUI 10 and two options of storage capacity are:

  • Random access memory 6 GB RAM with a storage capacity of 64 GB will come at the price of 420 euros \ about $ 490.
  • Random access memory 6 GB RAM with a storage capacity of 128 GB will come at the price of 460 euros \ about 537 dollars.

Also the phone comes in gray and blue, and the diversion of these price lists include code EAN-UPC, which confirms the authenticity.

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