Pictures – leaked specifications of the phone Shao my new Xiaomi CC9 with full screen!

Launched Shawty recently a series of new phones in China under the name of Mi CC in collaboration with Meitu, the focus of these new phones on the network requirements in smart phones, especially the camera, you will the company launches two phones one is called Xiaomi CC9e, and the other is Xiaomi CC9 .

 Xiaomi CCXiaomi CC

Haven’t been on the declaration of the new series more than a few days, except that the specifications of both phones leaked already via the web pages featured image of your phone Shawty CC9 with full screen.

Phone Xiaomi Mi CC9e :

Expected to come phone Mi CC9e smaller with a display 5.97 inch 1080 × 2340 pixels, with the design of the extrusion small shaped drop of Water featuring a front camera and 32 megapixel.

هاتف Xiaomi Mi CC9e Phone Xiaomi Mi CC9e

In addition to the camera module background of the three strictly 48 megapixel for the main type IMX582 of the Sony 8 megapixel sensor secondary 5-megapixel camera for the second, there will be the operating system Android 9 Pie OS from MIUI 10 custom series CC available on the device.

It will be Xiaomi Mi CC9e on the chipset Snapdragon 710 with the Random Access Memory 6 or 8 GB with two options of memory storage is either a 64 or 128 GB, with a battery 3500 Milli-amp, it will starts its price of $ 230.

هاتف شاومي الجديد Xiaomi CC9Phone Shawty new Xiaomi CC9

Phone Xiaomi Mi CC9 :

The flagship phone of the new and controversial is the Xiaomi Mi CC9 don’t leak a picture of him already with a screen full of news about the coming camera flip “flip” like the ones in ASUS Zenfone 6, this way rear cameras will be are also cameras front.

كاميرا فليب flipCamera flip flip

You will have Xiaomi CC9 camera module triple lens with basic IMX586 accurately 48 megapixel lens high 16-megapixel sensor the third 12-megapixel camera.

The screen includes delivery to the AMOLED screen compared with 6.39 inches of high precision, but some leaks pointed out to her coming with a camera inside the protrusion strictly 32-megapixel, unlike the leaked image!

It will depend Shawty Mi CC9 on the chipset Snapdragon 730 with the option of memory 6 or 8 GB RAM and storage capacity up to 256 GB, a battery of 4000 Milli amp operating system Android 9 with the latest interface, will start the phone price of $ 400.

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