Pictures – leaked OnePlus 7T with a camera in strange design!

Leak just the design of the phone OnePlus killer OnePlus 7T ready for launch officially during the next few days, reveals the registration of the design of the phone from all sides and the design of the rear of the strange camera.

بالصور - تسريب OnePlus 7T مع كاميرا ثلاثية في تصميم غريب

Pictures – leaked OnePlus 7T with a camera in strange design

From first glance, doesn’t the design of the OnePlus 7T as a whole for a phone OnePlus 7 , we find the design of the glass in the background and the possible large on fact, the design of the extrusion-shaped drop of water also, but fatal poisoning of OnLeaks and PriceBaba reveal to us clearly about the camera module in a circular design and eye-catching.

Were previous rumors have pointed to a camera module, circular at the back, but the surprise here is that it includes three sensors, the photos illustrate the design exact.

Also note the lines of the glass inside the camera module to prefer among camera three LED flash in the touch of beauty and destroy it with the body of the phone’s exterior with high professionalism.

Finally, if you don’t write a page, you can see the full design for OnePlus 7T in the video below, I will reveal to you more about the specifications of the new phone when you receive it.

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