Picture leaked new won’t design the iPhone killer this year with a screen size of 6.1 inch


In the case if the leaks and rumors the former is true, it is supposed to say Apple launch three iPhones in the third quarter of this year. It should be noted that previous rumors hinted that two of these three phones will feature two OLED screens in sizes 5.8 inch and 6.5 inches, while coming to the second phone and the last with the LCD screen size of 6.1 inch. And speaking of the latter, we have today a picture leaked of the new review will not cover protective designed specifically for this device which also resides within him.

This new registry is a image has been published by the site BGR, it won’t be a three-dimensional model of the phone the iPhone with a screen 6.1 inch inside of the protective cover designed specifically for this phone. In the case if this New is true, it seems that this phone will have a LCD screen with a cut in the middle part of the upper similar to the iPhone X, as well as the front of the wallpaper covered with glass.

Unlike phone iPhone X, which is Rear Camera Dual, the phone iPhone embodied in these images featuring only one camera in the back, which confirms again that it will be the cheapest in the lineup of phones Apple TV coming this year. Regardless of Rear Camera, this phone will also most likely technology TrueDepth see Depth in the widget located at the top middle of the screen, although it would lack the technique of sensing the pressure of the 3D Touch. Besides, this phone would lack also to separate fish of 3.5 mm, although it will feature speakers and a double page at the bottom of the device.

Overall, this bulk of information that has been leaked so far on the internet, but they are likely to hear more about the phones Apple TV coming this year in the foreseeable future note that it is likely to be announced for these phones in September, as usual always.



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