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I started Google Maps of the pilot phase for the guidance of the AR yesterday, after it announced Google the development of the water conference, the developers conference held last May.

Although Google did not specify a specific date to release water which it says is still in the testing phases first, we see the effect of augmented reality on the experience of Google Maps, see here Page water experience on the streets of San Francisco:

You can first select the destination in the normal way.

When you raise the phone at eye level, progressing the map for the bottom of the screen, and shows the real world that surrounds you by the phone’s camera.

After analyzing the scene you are watching to determine your location with high accuracy, showing the big arrows to guide you to the right direction.

If you keep the phone level in front of your eyes, a warning will be shown advise you to reduce the level during the walk for safety purpose.

Say Google if the direction arrows will appear only in the “moments of confusion”, and prevent the progress of the user and his phone held high all the time. And from the moment the link to “the beginning of the journey, out of the subway, when cornering, when the access destination”.

In some cases, the movement of the stock by the bug when you change the angle of view through the phone.

But overall, the stock has been thoroughly working very good.

The perfect way to use is to guide the phone down when you know you’re going in the right direction, where automatically back Maps Google to full-screen.

When you want to look forward to in the next turn, you can stop the car and lift the phone up, where it shows the landscape around you and download Google Maps to accurately determine your location based on what you see.

Integrate Google technology the visual positioning VPS software Street View and machine learning to determine your geographic location with high accuracy.

I found the Google that simply offering GPS tools a compass is not enough, where it determines the geographical location of the precision required, especially in crowded places where there are more people’s faces with their phones, which can be observed by the user of Google Maps today at the emergence points of the guidance of the Blue somewhere else close to it.

The best way to / Loral to identify your geographical location is to raise the phone to the buildings, cafes and shops around you, instead of trees, or what changes its shape and its color through the seasons of the year.

The colored dots around the buildings suggest that the recognition system visible under the definition of the elements.

When you learn Google Maps on your site, show the direction arrows in front of you.

When you reach your destination, you will be shown the red pin in front of you, and Google Maps automatically show the guest places of business, such as restaurants and cafes.

He says of the trade that enjoy a lot easily to use; even if the shares come from some bugs, which is a normal phase of “Alpha” which is the first stages of the pilot.

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