Photos from the tour of Crown Prince of the kingdom during a visit to the headquarters of Apple and Google it

HH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the leader of the political changes in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to take the tour stretched for a week in the United States of America, where he is to meet U.S. officials are important as well as some of the most important figures in Silicon Valley.

It was the goal of Prince of this round is to change the perception of the West towards Saudi Arabia as a province dependent on oil as the primary source of wealth, instead of it would like the crown to consider the Americans to Saudi Arabia as a civilized nation with huge investments in emerging markets such as technical.

He explains the reason behind the visit of His Royal Highness Prince to Silicon Valley last week to meet executives of both Apple TV and Google it, so after the meeting the Director of Amazon CEO, Jeff bezos, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

The visit included the headquarters of the new Apple TV which is $ 5 million USD, the equivalent of 18.75 billion riyals, during this visit to discuss Prince advanced applications in the Arab world in addition to educational content the new Arab, also discussed all of the education, health, marketing, to after a show, explains the technique of Apple modern on voice commands, within the scene of Steve Jobs.

In the headquarters of Google, took place the interview between the crown and the founders of the company, including all of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, in addition to the city of Google Executive Sundar pichai, to the Prince on modern laboratory explains some of the services that currently under development, such as cloud services, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as discussed the ways of cooperation in the field of information security.

At the end of the visit, meeting the Prince with a group of senior investors in the technical field, such as Peter Thiel, mark Anderson, Sam Altman and others.

And despite not holding any buying a major with Apple TV, however, Google succeeded in the Agreement relating to cloud computing.

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