Photos: first look at Al the Conqueror in Windows 10

After I got the Windows 10 update to general users before the days look dark, revealed Microsoft developed canopy light which allows “Light Mode” and is characterized by the proliferation of white color in it significantly.

The dark appearance compared to the appearance of normal in the version of October 2018 for Windows 10

If you’re wondering, “isn’t looking light is the appearance normal?” The answer: not quite, as you’ll find in the appearance of the Conqueror lists approved applications and the Windows default including the taskbar, Start menu, and notifications and virtual keyboard in white while that option wasn’t available before.

Can participants in the program Insider currently do appearance of light in the Windows 10 flash the demo version 18282 from Settings > customization > colors where allowed to choose between the appearance of dark and light for each of the interface applications, which means that it will confuse the appearance of dark and light.

The general users will get the appearance of light within the major update next for Windows 10 is expected to be in April 2019, and what we see in the photo below is of the preview version known by the name of code 19H1, which includes new features: see the highlights of the nurses coming in the next major update for Windows 10 refer to this article.

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