Photos: a tour of the lab test phones Onur

With the stages of development and manufacturing pass of smart phones in testing stages which have the purpose to ensure the appropriate devices for human use in different circumstances.

We offered by the A look inside the lab Samsung, and today we give you a look inside one of the centres of research and development of the brand of Honor in China.

Choose the crease

Put the machine pressure on the phone from all directions, but not to break it, but to see carry his crease and complete performance naturally without being affected.

Pick up the

This Test connect the phones across thousands of conductors, where the goal is to make sure connectors such as the USB-C port, the fish in different conditions, even if some of the tests put great pressure on the connector to make sure it will work when you know hit the big.

Drop test

But not free fall like the ones we see on YouTube, where a machine dedicated to the implementation of the projection after the install the phone in the situation of the angles given, to be the ultimate purpose of this Test here, making sure there are no weak points in the structure of the device.

After installing the device in certain situations you say the machine is dropping quickly, but let go at the last moment so as not rotating the device in the air; make sure to pick up all the corners of parties and the structure of the phone.

Test environment

Spend devices Onur long days in the so-called “difference”, at a temperature of 55 Celsius and even 90% wet to achieve the scenarios are real in some regions of the world, to make sure that the phone will be in extreme environmental conditions.

Test dust and water

This is not a test of resistance to water and dust devices provide IP67 or IP68, where going through all the hardware categories of price various to ensure resistance to dust summer rain light moderate degree.

Test your cellular connection.

Placed the phone on top of the yellow simulates the human head with the appropriate size and steer the phone and use the headset, as in a room completely isolated so you can check the signal strength accurately to make sure that the level of the signal works as it should.

Choose to hear the calls and speakerphone

In a second room isolated, quiet, connected arm Orange pictured above with calls and tweeter to deliver audio and ambient noise, there are speakers that show the sounds trying different conditions from the urban noise and even thunderstorms.

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