Photo won’t the design of the phone +Galaxy S10, and video review us a copy 5G of the phone


The process of developing the Galaxy S10 may be reached more advanced stages than we expected, the Samsung review a preliminary version of this phone supports the 5G, although it was supposed to detect the version compatible with 5G of Galaxy S10 in the month of March next, after a month of the launch of the 4G version of LTE.

The initial version of the phone Galaxy S10 is compatible with the 5G is substantially similar to the Galaxy S9, they do not include any cut or puncture on the screen. Just under the prominent in the lower and upper part of the screen. Here are some of the pictures for this initial version, but we believe that the official version of the phone Galaxy S10 compatible with 5G networks coming to a slightly different design.


The following is a photo of a computer a three-dimensional model of phone +Galaxy S10 were prepared by the boats of the famous French OnLeaks in collaboration with 91Mobiles. As you notice, the screen of this phone include a hole for the front camera of the dual, and in fact the background note the presence of three cameras in a horizontal position similar to the rear camera of the phone Galaxy Note 9 the next by The Flash sensor heartbeat. Returning to the screen, it was speculated that it would come with a diameter of 6.4 inches will sensor fingerprint works ultrasonic.

In addition, it has been further leaked images won’t work to open and fund a phone +Galaxy S10, but we’re not sure yet of the accuracy of these leaks. Returning to the previous reports, it was speculated that the phone +Galaxy S10 will be as of 1000 USD.




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