#photo | the Detailed image of the Big Magellanovo Clouds

Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that the space is incredibly beautiful. Thanks to powerful telescopes and typed in hundreds of years of experience, astronomers from all over the world are able to make detailed images of distant galaxies and to share them with all lovers of space. At the beginning of 2019 telescope the Hubble space telescope captured the Galaxy of the Triangle in an incredible resolution 665 million pixels, and now it is a time of Great Magellanovo Clouds. New photo can not boast of crazy dimensions, but it is notable for a completely different property.

Большое Магелланово Облако

Create a detailed image of the galaxy studied Ciel Austral group of five Amateur astronomers. As a tool for shooting they used rental El Sauce Observatory Observatory in Chile, which can be controlled remotely. Like other fans to take pictures of the starry sky, they used a maximum shutter speed of the camera so she could take as much light as possible and capture more details. Usually photographers to keep the shutter open for about an hour, but the team went on record and did it for 1060 hours .

In the end they did some photos for bonding and handling which they took several months. The amount received by the telescope data was 620 gigabytes, all of which turned out the image with a resolution of 204 million pixels. Subsequently, the photo was compressed to 80 MB and posted on the Internet for everyone.

The large and Small Magellanic Clouds are galaxies satellites of the milky Way. According to the universal standards they are not in very great distance from us, about 163 thousand light-years. According to scientists, the milky way and the Large Magellanic Cloud might have via 2.4 billion years.

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