#Photo: So might look Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10, which will be released no earlier than January of next year can break the record of Oppo Find X, the display, occupying more than 95% of the front panel. This is indicated by the photo of an unknown smartphone, presumably a prototype of the next flagship of the South Korean company.


This is exactly Galaxy S10?

In favor of a smartphone on insider photos is a prototype of the Galaxy S10, say typical of the flagships of Samsung curves display, which forms a distinct, recognizable style, as well as some continuity in design, which is guessed in the barely noticeable lines of the whole structure.

Earlier it became knownthat the next generation flagship smartphones, Samsung may abandon the Plus version, to increase the display size of the youngest model to 6.2 inches. The role of the older model will perform folding Galaxy X display, which in the unfolded state can reach 7.3 inches.

When will the Galaxy S10

Even if the smartphone in the picture is just someone skilled falsification, Samsung has at least another six months to bring this ambitious project to life. Considering that are already on the market solution with the ratio of the area of the display to the front panel for more than 90% of Koreans have no right not to release something.

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