Photo site my ask his own application on Android and iOS

For those who don’t know the location of photo Pro, is a website to book photographers, through which customers can request meetings of the photography in a manner that is easy, reliable, and also is a platform for designers through show their best pictures and the most famous to reach the customers in easy and fast way, in another topic the team announced the operation of the site for access to their own app on Android and iOS.

In relation to the mechanism of reservation of the issuer or the comic, it consists in 4 steps:

  • Registration : register in the website photo.
  • Send request photography : will compete designers to win your claim.
  • Purchase : you choose the offer that suits you pay the amount on the bank account to voice my bringing the booking has been confirmed.
  • Export and registration : come to the shoot and delivery of images The number of request you get after your purchase requesting the export.

How does the buying process to book a photographer or a photographer?
After your choice of shows photography, you must pay the full amount to complete the purchase and confirm the date of imaging with the note that the amount paid will not go to the bank but remains in the calculation of the image, so that the export and delivery of your images and label with the order number which you provide to the Bank to get financial receivables.

In turn, if you are one of the professional photographers, you can book a place for you in service and set up a profile and receive requests or submit your request, finally a photo app my available to download for free full on android download it from here, and on iOS download it from here.

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