#photo | Railways showed the new cars-coupe with shower, safe and a kitchen

Holding “Russian Railways” in 2018, showed the concept of the parlor cars of the future with improved conditions for passengers. Work on improving comfort, apparently really is — at the Riga station hosted a presentation of the new compartment cars, which will ensure the safety of personal belongings of passengers and will provide an opportunity to use a fridge and a shower without the help of flight attendants. Details about the innovations in compartment carriages shared information Agency RIA “Novosti”.

Поезд РЖД

The new coupe will be available immediately, thanks to the beige walls and dark blue shelves. It is noteworthy that when folded, they present a neat sofas with headrests, which are hidden safes with electronic locks for storage of personal belongings of passengers.

Photo RIA “Novosti”

Between the seats, as usual, is at the table, but in the new cars it folds up to increase the free space. Under it there are outlets to charge smartphones and other electronic devices. Passengers will now be able to independently regulate the air temperature in the compartment and open the corridor window.

Новые вагоны РЖД

Also new cars are equipped with shower and a kitchen with refrigerator, vending machine, drinking water dispenser and a microwave. Passengers will be able to use them whenever necessary, without the help of flight attendants.

Новые вагоны РЖД

Production of new cars will company “Transmashholding” — the contract for the 237 billion rubles has been signed and it is expected that by 2025 it will produce 3.7 thousand passenger cars.

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