#photo | Part of the prototype Starship rocket company SpaceX has fallen from-for a strong wind

The upper part of a large new rocket Starship private aerospace company, SpaceX, established near the village of Boca Chica (South Texas, USA) sustained serious damage in the fall caused by very strong winds. The photographs published by different users on Twitter can be seen that the upper part of the future of the device lies on its side and pretty much crushed. Elon Musk said that he was aware of the incident. In addition, the head of SpaceX added that the restoration can take several weeks.

Build a test prototype of the new missile Starship, formerly known as the BFR, began before the new year holidays. Recall that in the future the company plans to use SpaceX’s new rocket superheavy class for delivery of people and cargo into orbit, but also on the moon and Mars, and possibly beyond. Full booster will consist of two main components – a huge accelerator Super Heavy and at least a spaceship (actually, the Starship).

The prototype Starship was gathered rather quickly near the village of Boca Chica, where SpaceX is building a new spaceport. January 5, Musk said that SpaceX hoped to conduct the first test run over the next four weeks. However, later the head of the company said that due to “unforeseen problems” the first launch can be postponed by another four weeks.

Apparently, one of the last of these problems was the wind speed of the gusts, which in the area of missiles in the storm of up to 80 kilometers per hour. According to the portal The Verge, part of protective mechanisms that hold the rocket from falling, could not resist. The upper part of the Starship with the cone lying on its side and damaged. Later, Musk added that the fuel tanks of the prototype was not injured.

The fallen prototype is not a complete replica of the future Starship. Test instance shorter final version, except it has only three jet engine, instead of the seven stipulated in the final design. Once damage eliminated, and the Assembly of the prototype complete, the company plans to perform a series of test jumps in which the test version of the missile is scheduled to launch to the altitude of 500 meters to 5 kilometers, and then gently put back on the ground. In other words, the company plans to use the same approach, which she used with “flying the model” Grasshopper. The latter was the prototype which SpaceX was testing various technologies, which eventually were used in the Falcon 9 rocket.

At the very beginning of the construction of the prototype Musk said that many elements of the rocket design has been changed. If earlier it was said that the giant rocket will be built on the basis of composite materials, according to current plans, the main part of the rocket will be assembled from a steel alloy. According to the Mask, this material is able to withstand extremely high temperatures while maintaining its strength. In addition, the Raptor engines, which will be used in the rocket Starship, have also undergone significant modifications, but they have not been announced yet.

In addition, SpaceX has changed the place of Assembly of the Starship missiles. It was originally planned that collect the rocket will be in the port of Los Angeles, but now part of the production will be moved to the new SpaceX spaceport at Boca Chica. At the same time, development and production of some important components of a Starship, for example, the same engines of the Raptor will continue to be held at the main facility in Hawthorne (California, USA). The choice in favor of Texas to build prototypes Starship Musk commented on their size – much easier to collect them directly near the place of their future launch.

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