Photo hosting service Pro SmugMug take on Flickr

Flickr acquired by professional photo hosting service SmugMug

Flickr acquired by professional photo hosting service SmugMug

The company announced the SmugMug hosting services Photo photographers professional on the acquisition of a service image storage backup Flickr as I didn’t know about their value.

Service was Flickr looking for a way out that is convenient to him after that company acquired the version on the Yahoo merge with AOL in a new company called Oath. As we know was the Yahoo owned Flickr after being acquired in 2005 for $ 35 million.

But for 13 years you didn’t know Yahoo what you want to do service Flickr, where they tried to integrate her with her e-mail to encourage users to adopt them, but this did not reach any important goal.

Damaged Flickr of the rise of new services such as Instagram, despite the differences between them from the hand of the target audience, but people no longer want to store images but share them, and add effects to them which I managed to do Instagram and removed users on Flickr.

Will you SmugMug all on the case at Flickr where it will stay an independent company, but you will get more resources from the parent company of the new compared to the Oath which I got in the deal acquisition of Yahoo.


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