Photo: Google Play shows the new design under development

Started Google recently began a campaign to update the design of their own applications by adding a touch of new design language-material, and within the codes for Google Play I found references to the enhancements coming to the App Store.

It should first be noted that the mentioned improvements are still under development and not completely definitive, what means it may change when you launch the new design officially.

The first thing we observe by the new design is to move the tab bar of Main to the bottom to prevent the accumulation tab and click some where the tape includes the lower four tabs: main, games, movies and books.

Each tab icon, you receive a special colored when made, has remained the sections of each tab keeps up but without the icons function to them; such as sections of the “Suggested For You” (For You) and”the most important classifications” (Top Charts).

When browsing each application you will notice replacement windows that separate the content from some elements of the petition, instead of the word “more” (More) to show more information arrow appears pointing to the right or to the good news, by the language of the application.

In the App Info page note the replacement of the type of the main line, which can be seen easily as the application, as will be the form of application icons to square the corners of the circular, has been the transfer of tags related to application to the bottom of the photo library application.

Finally, we noted that these improvements are still under development and may change in its final form, and currently there is no information on the date of the availability of a new design.

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