Photo computer high-quality can shows us how will look the final design for the next generation of iPhone

iPhone 11

At the moment, no one really knows the shape of phones iPhone New coming in the second half of this year. Was Apple mostly used the same design for the past two years, but the sound of computer which has been published recently suggest that the iPhone coming later this year you will get some changes on the design level, but it won’t be drastic changes. Now, thanks to a series of images new computer that is published by the boats of the famous French OnLeaks in collaboration with Cashkaro, has become our idea of what we can expect.

At first glance, you will notice that the next generation of iPhone doesn’t seem much different from the current generation. It would be the most obvious change to the level design in the backend of the phone, exactly where there is a camera, this ” confirms ” the advent of the next-generation iPhone with three cameras at the back. However, trade shows also that Apple may provide the next generation of iPhone designed the new glass in the back, it can also re-design the mute button.

At the moment, you can activate or mute the sound using the button on the iPhone on the way to his heart, to the top or the bottom while holding the phone. However, based on these renovations, it seems that Apple may change that by allowing to activate and mute the sound via the heart button to the top or the bottom. In the case if it happened already, you’ll be the first time that this has happened button on a completely new design because the bearing mute the sound hasn’t changed much since the detection of the iPhone for the first time.

Apart from that, I don’t look like phones and the new iPhone coming later this year different in terms of design models last year. This is not a bad thing, although it is not exciting the enthusiasm somewhat, but until get official information, it is best to deal with everything that is currently trading at the lowest amount of protection.

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