#photo | Camera “Curiosity” drilled clay surface of Mars

Mars Rover “Kyuriositi” furrowing the red planet since 2012 and in that time has helped the space Agency NASA to make many scientific discoveries. After 100 days from the start of the mission, the unit proved that the planet consists of two parts, the lower part might have a large enough concentration of water. Most recently, on 6 April, he drilled a hole in the small clay area and took soil samples to search for mineral particles. Space Agency said as it all was, and shared the photo.

Глиняная поверхность Марса

The hole was set on a small cliff called “Aberlady” — she is in the Gale crater. The researchers noted that this area succumbed to the drilling fairly easy, whereas when drilling ridge Vera Rubin at the device experiencing problems due to the presence of hard stones. By breaching holes “Curiosity” began during a stop when you climbing a mountain Aolida.

NASA researchers hope that the device will be able to find in the clay minerals, because their presence proves the presence of liquid. Ultimately, the Agency wants to find out details about the distant past of the planet, it is believed that once upon a time it had atmosphere and it was flowing streams, traces of which are visible on almost all pictures.

Отверстие на поверхности Марса

Recall that by drilling the surface of Mars is currently engaged in and the probe InSight. In early March, he successfully blew a hole the depth of 18-50 inches, breaking stones with shock active drilling rigs. The results of this small study can be read in our material.

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