Phones Pixel you get the best feature of the camera Pixel 3

I always knew phones Pixel camera is excellent, and hit the second generation of the series is a powerful example of this are the many nurses, although it comes with the same camera Pixel 2 and the background.

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After many revisions to the pixels 3 which are spread on the internet, I didn’t understand the reviewers on anything as they agreed on the ugliness of the notes, imaging results dazzling in Night Mode.

Announced Google today the beginning of the arrival of the feature Night Mode “Night Sight” to all phones pixels within the update forthe camera application, and also that this feature works with rear camera and front despite the fact that samples Google -during the declaration of the pixels 3 – not only for the rear camera.

As for the way the work situation of the new night so the worshipper may recite automatically the conditions of the scene and its movement as well as movement of the user’s hand, based on this information, take camera time to capture the lights adequate to illuminate the scene dark then software machine learning to modify the colors to give the image a final show clear detail, despite the poor lighting.

Sometimes the user finds the image Pixel 3 is better in Night Mode where trained the only algorithms of machine learning are responsible for the white balance in the photo, but in general, the longer the Google to improve the night mode of the new image quality in low light.

Sample images for Night Sight

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