Phones of the future will be free from ports

Looking tech world is constantly on the perfect smartphone, which started in 2017 worthwhile to increase screen area and reduce the area of the parties, to show us the concept of the medallion as an additional part at the top of the screen to 2018 and now look to the hole of the screen to provide space for the sheet upper and confined to a small circle for the front camera.

But away from the sheet and holes, it seems that the company, the Maison decided to head to the future already and launch the phone solid of the holes fully as the latest images headline, where there is no suitable person headsets or even a rear camera, it is just one piece of an integrated chain, which also operates Viva for its launch soon on behalf of Apex, what seems like soap and metal.

Although this new trend in the design of future phones may offset many of the criticisms, but it will also provide better resistance to dust and water, although it would be difficult to use the phone while wireless charging, except in the case of the provision of the wireless charging device connects to the phone magnetically, but the biggest drawback may be how difficult reform.

As for the place of the cameras, you’ll attend our here screen new Infinity announced by Samsung the Samsung previously which many expect to come with a camera built in below the screen, what might be the same idea to each of the marked Vivo in its phones next.

The phone of the future has no charging port (or any other openings)

The phone of the future has no charging port (or any other openings)

At the same time, Samsung continues on her journey to unlock her phone, folding soon with the start of the competition in this category by Huawei and several other Chinese carriers as well, so that Apple registered a patent for a phone iPhone retractable recently.

This is regardless of what the future holds for us in the world of smart phones, sure we’ll start seeing a great diversity in the manifestations of our smart and designs in the coming years, while Asian companies to change the concept of what we are accustomed to these devices.

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