Phones iPhone will rely entirely on OLED screens in the year 2020, according to a new report

iPhone XS Max

I didn’t start Apple to use OLED displays in the iPhone until the year 2017 when using this screen for the first time in the phone iPhone X. Before that, Apple has used LCD screens only in its smart phones. In 2018, Apple has to use both screens in smart phones, so I decided to use the LCD screen in the phone iPhone XR use of OLED screens in phones iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max knowing that he is expected to tell Apple the same thing with the iPhone three new leaders in the second half of this year.

However, in 2020, we can expect Apple to permanently stop using LCD screens in smart phones. Includes report of the new Wall Street Journal American was expected to think about Apple getting rid of the LCD screens in smart phones, the next. It is not clear whether this means that Apple will be launching two models only from the iPhone in the year 2020 or whether it will launch three models as they do now with the use of OLED screens in all those models.

One of the reasons that pushed Apple to continue to use LCD screens in smart phones is they are cheaper as compared with OLED screens as they are easy in terms of production. Thus, this helped Apple to reduce the price of the iPhone XR, which is the only device that features an LCD screen from among the models the three carried Apple by the year 2018. Because of its low price, face iPhone XR reaped more sales, the latest statistics indicate that the sales of this phone have become close to plan sales of the iPhone XS Max.

In fact, this is not the first time that we hear that can Apple continue to use LCD screens in smart phones until the year 2020, and while there’s no guarantee that’s true, but the evidence we have now, implying that this is what happens already.

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