Phones iPhone this year may carry larger batteries

We expect from upcoming iPhones this year to be faster than its predecessors with the introduction of new features, in addition to that we expect to age better battery. Often, it is to achieve an increase in the battery life of the iPhone by improving the consumption of the phone battery, but a new report says that the battery will be the largest in terms of capacity. And according to sources, Apple is looking with a group of companies that supply components including batteries to the identity by the law, who may be their number 3 phones, two of them as an upgraded version of the iPhone X Screen OLED, and the second would be the LCD screen but with a height of 9:18 and other nurses, such as face recognition at a lower price. Reports indicate that the iPhone template will card the L-shaped completely like the current. But development is that the new batteries will be composed of a single cell instead of two cells, so there will be no need to connect the two cells will leave extra space in the battery which will be used to raise its capacity. Source: ETnews

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