Phones iPhone this year have come with a cable and USB charger-C [rumors]

With the iPad and MacBook Pro towards the adoption of technology USB-C charging and data transmission, while the iPhone this year may not use the USB-C port, however, Apple will benefit from its capabilities via the included charger supports his cable Lightning to USB-C in box iPhone New.

Supported Apple fast charging technology since the iPhone 8, it has continued to include the charger is slow with 5 watts only with cable Lightning to USB-A slow and old within the pack iPhone which has a price tag of $ 749!.

If this rumor’s true, the iPhone this year will come with charger 18 watts supports USB-C port to get a boost of fast energy.

Provides Apple TV via her shop at the price of $ 48 the possibility of obtaining shipper and nutria mentioned independently separate and optional, so it would be nice to embed them in the science to come from the company directly when you buy the phone and.

May not be the Apple TV is now ready to separate the Lightning entirely, but they at least provide alternative ways for users to benefit from the advantages of the USB-C.

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