Phones iPhone may not support touch 5G until 2020

Will be the launch of the first Android phones 5G this year. But when will the Apple phone iPhone 5G?

It’s hard to say to predict that, as indicated earlier reports that Apple will launch iPhone 5G in 2020, but now it is considered one of the analyst firm UBS that the company will not be able to issue a device that supports the next generation of cellular communications until a later time.

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In a note to investors (according to CNBC), says UBS analyst, Timothy here, “there is increased likelihood that Apple may not be able to charge your iPhone 5G until 2020”.

The reason for this is that Apple won’t be able to secure the modems 5G for iPhone in time. However, if you beat Apple to this obstacle is technical, the area believe that the iPhone 5G may arrive in the year 2021.

It is noteworthy that before the iPhone 7 was Apple used to prepare a modem “baseband” cellular Qualcomm Qualcomm, because it is great hardware and is capable of download speeds faster.

But after that I beat a patent, Apple abandoned on Qualcomm as sole of the season. In the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, came some versions with modems Qualcomm and some are with Intel.

After that, the following year, the timing of the Apple TV is officially on the use of modems Qualcomm, which has fully moved to modems Intel in the iPhone 8 and X.

The problem facing Apple right now is to get the modems 5G from any supplier. Although it is widely believed that Intel will provide Apple with modem 5G for iPhone, but it is not clear whether the company manufacturing the chip was able to provide at the appropriate time in the year 2020. I don’t think are that the modems are Intel 5G will be ready for next year.

Similarly, tell are investors that devices modem MediaTek, Samsung, 5G is “solutions not possible”. The role of suppliers in 5G, you may not be able to Apple from shipping iPhone 5G even after 2020, unless the create devices of their own.

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