Phones iPhone in the year 2019 may get new technology sister three-dimensional

iPhone X Camera

It’s no secret that Apple believes that augmented reality technology is the way of the future, so much so they have invested very heavily in this technology, and add to that rumors that the company is working on augmented reality glasses, as well as the launch of the company’s package development software augmented reality ARKit SDK which allows developers to integrate the features of augmented reality in their apps.

Now according to a new report released today, it appears that the iPhone coming in year 2019 will be sensor sister the three-dimensional ocean, which is the sensor, which would strengthen the plans Apple for this technology. This report is based on a research note by analysts at the foundation of Barclays says that Apple and its partners are working on this technology. What this technology allows users to do is to survey the three-dimensional to their surroundings, similar to the technology TrueDepth, except that the new technology allows to do so for everything else.

In fact, it seems that the technology used will be very different from the technology TrueDepth because it will be ” similar but with some adjustments ” on the level sensor. It is not clear what plans do not Apple with this technology and any type of water that will flow from them, but for to animated emoji Animoji as a good example on how to use the front camera of this technology, we imagine the same thing can be applied to the camera the background also.

Anyway, it is still too early to talk and think in iPhones coming in 2019, given that Apple has yet to issue its smart phones leading for the year, so it is best to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection.


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