Phones iPhone in 2019 will come at a speed greater connectivity via WiFi and cellular data!

Still shopping expectations are regarding the iPhone coming to the end of 2019 ongoing, the latest of which came by way of a group of Barclays investment, which stopped some of the things most striking about the iPhone 2019.هواتف الآيفون في 2019 ستأتي بسرعة اتصال أكبر عبر الوايفاي والبيانات الخلوية!

هواتف الآيفون في 2019 ستأتي بسرعة اتصال أكبر عبر الوايفاي والبيانات الخلوية!

A faster internet connection

According to the group of Barclays, the series of iPhones 2019 will support standard Wi-Fi 6 building on the technology of IEEE 802.11 ax is faster by about 40% compared to standard WiFi existing Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac) that was launched in 2014.

When you contact Hawaii through this new technology you will notice the the user speed in the direction especially when you use WiFi networks public or used by many people at the same time.

Another benefit of Wi-Fi 6 they will improve power consumption from the battery, and that’s good news for users concerned about battery performance on phones iPhone.

Support of networks of the fifth generation

Network Reuters cited a report is saying that Apple is currently negotiating with Samsung and MediaTek in order to use segments of contact fifth generation 5G their own phones for iPhone 2019.

This comes after the delay of Intel Corporation in the development of a modem connection to the fifth-generation Apple TV, and the negotiations with Qualcomm because of jurisdictional disputes between the two companies. The fifth-generation networks also provide a faster connection and lower consumption of the battery.

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