Phones iPhone future may open the camera application once taken by users

iPhone X Camera

Like most of the smart phones available in the market today, then the iPhone needs to turn on the telly allows users to access the camera even when the phone is locked. However, it requires running the phone screen first. This is not a big problem but at the crucial moment, may result in ” delays ” additional to the loss of images or video clips to some important moments.

Of course, this shortcut does what is required of them, but there is still scope for improvement, this seems to be the target of the Apple patent a new invention has been discovered recently. This patent describes how the iPhone open the camera automatically when they pick up the phone and act in a way that suggests you want to take a picture or video clip.

According to get in the patent, it says : ” tool and Method to open the camera application automatically when it is discovered the intention to capture a photo or video “. We’re not sure of the type of employee that will determine the intention to take a picture due to that sometimes is to take pictures vertically, while it is taken horizontally at other times.

However, describing the patent also use the potential sensor proximity in the back of the phone which can be used to detect if there is an important element in the framework. However, we believe that this feature will be annoying in some cases because sometimes I don’t want to take a picture but not open the camera app on any case, but the good news is that since this is just a patent, there is no guarantee that it will reach iPhones or versions of iOS future.

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