Phones iPhone coming this year may support wireless charging quick


Most of the reports and rumors of the former was agreed on the fact that the iPhone coming this year will support wireless charging technology. Now, according to a new report recently released from the newspaper China Times, it has been said Now that the iPhone coming this year will not get a wireless charging technology, but you will also most likely to support wireless charging quick.

It is known that wireless charging is slower than regular shipping. I tried Apple to address that in the past year through the support up to 7.5 watts of power, but a new report issued by the China say that the iPhone coming this year can support up to 15 watts, which doubles the charging speed of the wireless current.

To achieve that it seems that Apple will use coils of copper wire in the phones iPhone new, instead of using printed circuit Flex which was used in the iPhones that were released in the last year. This allows more efficiency during the shipping, but the downside in this solution is that it is thicker. It is still not clear how will Apple overcome that, but the report says that this water may not reach all models 2018, it may be up to one model only.

If we had to guess, we believe that this feature will be limited on the iPhone and the large size which frequency it will have OLED screen size 6.5 inch. Because of its great size, it will allow for Apple to change some internal components to support the copper coil and thicker. Generally, please handle with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection, but it is clear that Apple will try to differentiate itself from the rest of the competitors who are already offering wireless charging technology in their smartphones. It is rumored that the base wireless charging AirPower may be issued in the month of September next to the side of the phones iPhone new, and we heard lately that it will be about 150 USD.



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