Phones iPhone coming next year will support the 5G, will be used to season Qualcomm X55

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Although a lot of manufacturers for Android phones has launched many smart phones that are compatible with the 5G, but that Apple still refuses to do so. Phones iPhone 11 Series the new that has been launched this year to support networks of the fourth generation a maximum, but the frequency that this situation will change in the year 2020.

Now released a report new from Japan reported that the iPhone coming next year will use the season Qualcomm X55 5G, according to four people familiar with the plans Apple. However, there may be restrictions on the offer because all the companies will want to use this season in the year 2020.

It is reported that the processor Apple A14 from Apple will appear for the first time in iPhones coming in next year, will be manufactured using the technology of 5 nm, will vary company TSMC functions of manufacturing. Only Apple and Huawei currently have plans to use the manufacturing technology of 5 nm from the company TSMC.

Will use at least two phones the iPhone three new screens OLED flexible, which means that it is likely that these phones are bending, but not folding. Technically, the company uses Apple TV screen curved OLED since the iPhone X, but there is a deflection one, and you can’t see it because the screen folds itself at the bottom, allowing it to be the outer frame is thin too.

It is also said that Apple will use a camera Time Of Flight in fact and background for iPhone coming next year for augmented reality. Obviously the police want to charge 80 million or more iPhones coming next year, and strong sales of the Aspire company, they usually are shipped from the 75 to 80 million units every year. Analysts believe that it will produce 206 million phone 5G all over the world in the year 2020, so if we put a line of Apple into account, it’s not a big part of this market. This may help also in the adoption of 5G technology, especially outside of China.

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