Phones iPhone coming next year will come with monitors 120Hz ProMotion OLED

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Since Apple using a screen ProMotion in the tablet of the iPad Pro in 2017, rumors started swirling about the possibility of bringing it to the iPhone. While not used Apple this screen in the last two generations of iPhone, has now released a new report says that Apple will be using the screen of the ProMotion of OLED with the rate update reaches 120Hz.

Technical ProMotion of Apple adapting the screen refresh rate between 60Hz and 120Hz based on the current task. Will it also manages better battery where to keep the screen unlocked at the rate of update is high at all times significantly increases the battery consumption.

Apart from the screen Apple ProMotion OLED, we have heard also in the past and that Apple will adopt a whole new design in the iPhone next year, it is estimated that this design is going, we kind of designed the iPhone 4.

In addition, it is expected that Apple reduce the size of the plot allotted to the camera the three-dimensional in the top middle section of the screen, add a camera, Time Of Flight three-dimensional to the backend. There is still a long way to go until Apple launch the next generation of the iPhone, so will have to wait to see what will Apple do.

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