Phones iPhone coming in the year 2020 may come with Touch ID covers the entire screen

iPhone XS Max

If you think that Apple got rid of the fingerprint recognition technology Touch ID forever, at least in the case of the iPhone, we ask you to rethink that. That’s because according to a new report released recently from the website MacRumors , based on the note of new research from analyst Blayne Curtis from the foundation of Barclays, it seemed to connect after a meeting with some suppliers in the supply chain of the Apple TV to some predictions related to the cell phones of the iPhone future.

Specifically, there was talk of iPhone coming in the year 2020, namely phones that frequency it will see the return of the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID, but the latter won’t work the way we know it. According to the report, it says that the iPhone coming in the year 2020 you will get on the sensor of the fingerprint covering the whole screen, which means that it will be able to read your fingerprint and authenticate it when you touch anywhere on the screen.

This is unlike the technologies of sensor fingerprint built-in screen current so you need to put your finger in a certain part of the screen to read your fingerprint and approval. The most interesting thing is that this is not the first time that we hear that Apple is still exploring the possibility of using Touch ID in its smart phones. I’ve been monitoring the company’s American record many of the oils of the invention related to this technique, the latest of which indicate that Apple has reached to a way to allow the identification of the fingerprint of the user’s finger along the screen.

Needless to say, these are still just predictions, so it is best to deal with the least amount of protection, but in case if you feel that a property Face ID is troublesome in terms of use compared to Touch ID, it might be this news is very good for you.

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