Phones iPhone 2021 technology supports Face ID sensor Touch ID to the bottom of the screen

Deployment analyst Ming-Chi Kuo new report browses through some of the specifications available versions 2021 of phones the iPhone, where expected to bring versions of 2021 of phones iPhone all of the face recognition technology Face ID with sensor Touch ID to the bottom of the screen.

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Put the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expectations of the new specifications of the phones the iPhone killer, but it is planning versions of 2020 in its projections, the report of the new feel to the plans, Apple is available for download in the phone, where he prophesied to bring all of the facial recognition technology and also technology sensor footprint in the phones iPhone 2021.

I have noted some previous expectations that Apple will replace the technology of facial recognition Face ID to change the design of phones iPhone without extrusion of the upper in the screen, the technique can sense the footprint of the bottom of the screen using a scanner.

However, the report of Ming-Chi Kuo came today to reaffirm that Apple will not give up in full technology Face ID for registration in the phone, but it combines the two techniques in the versions of 2021.

On the other hand, stressed the analyst Kuo that the technology Apple NeXT in face recognition and also a fingerprint sensor below the screen will be different from the current technique, where the Apple more sophisticated techniques do not contain the current limitations of this technology.


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