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Use Apple to launch two phones the iPhone settings in the camera background, where the cable car design is blocked in almost black color possible phone thanks to the black paint work.

Apple-triple camera on 2019 iPhone

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Skip the Apple release three versions of phones and the iPhone later this year, with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo during the financial period specifications available versions of the apple base.

It is estimated according to Ming-Chi Kuo that comes three versions of the sensor 12 mega pixels in the camera front-end, that are upgraded versions of this year from the sensor 7 mega pixel camera which came in versions 2018.

As confirmed leaks of MacRumors وAppleInsider that Apple make the next versions of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max settings in the camera background, while the least expensive version from phones iPhone the same technical settings of the iPhone 8.

Come Settings three camera rear for iPhone the year 2019, the sensor 12 mega pixel camera featured lenses telephoto, with a sensor 12 megapixel lens with wide angles, while the sensor II is also accurately 12 mega pixel camera which also features a lens features the widest angle view, it also comes all the sensors from Sony, it features paint the lenses black to be the cameras are blocked almost in the back of the phone.

From another side comes a phone Phone XR settings rear double camera, as disclosed Kuo about screen size in three versions, where comes the new version of the iPhone XS size 5.8-inch screen, while the new version of the iPhone XS Max size of screen 6.5 inch screen which features these versions screen OLED, while the second version iPhone XR size of 6.1-inch LCD screen.


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