Phones Huawei Mate 10 sing to you on the phone Two

Wherever you are, and in any place to take it, I always see a lot of people who carry two phones smart, this is for several reasons notably that they have chosen to carry two phones to do what between their personal lives and their working life. But all of the people who carry two phones to realize that this thing might be a drag sometimes, and that’s why designed Huawei Huawei phones series Mate 10 of my phone Mate 10 وMate 10 Pro cover you for carrying a phone, they are backed by technology, artificial intelligence AI, what proves that it’s better to carry one phone instead of two.

Smart phones provide the work in a smarter way

Used to phone my Mate 10 وMate 10 Pro technology artificial intelligence AI to provide you with the experience of using super speed and politics, they are powered by a processor Kirin 970 designed by Huawei, it also includes a Processing Unit independent neural (NPU) that will enable them to work faster, is 25 times of the central processing unit (CPU) is normal, and with time, learn unit neural processing independent of them and learn how to use your phones to control the performance of the faster and more effective.

Smart camera learn on the 100 million body and

Used to phone my Mate 10 وMate 10 Pro Artificial Intelligence Technology in its cameras, which include Camera Leica Leica with double sensor colors 12-megapixel sensor and a monochromatic accurately 20-megapixel camera, in addition to opening its power to f/1.6 to capture professional pictures.

Also save the camera 100 million body and the material, which is able to recognize 13 different type of objects and scenes of the sky and sea food, texts, etc, and when you learn the camera on the body or the scene, automatically adjusts the the place of their meet beautiful images with lighting and depth of field and accuracy of contrast is appropriate. Also, the camera uses Artificial Intelligence Technology to change during the night and export the war, with the removal of the confusion and fog of images.

Large screen size reflect your perspective of life

Great achievements start with a vision, come phones Huawei Mate 10 وMate 10 Pro equipped with wider edges and narrow to provide you a unique experience, and now, it has become easy to read long messages and watching movies, playing games because the screen enjoy with الـFullView that come in a size of 6 inches and width of 18:9 with the technique of high dynamic range HDR10 to enhance the colors bright and vibrant.

Development between different accounts is very easy

Do you use two different phones to move between your accounts personal and accounts business on the social networking pages? It is not needed anymore because the user interface EMUI 8.0 new phones Huawei Mate 10 Huawei Mate 10 Pro offers you app feature Twin, that enable you to owning more than one account on the app itself and run more than one copy of the application at the same time, one you have digital phone different and they work out of two different accounts, lets you this feature to run two copies of the application to your preferred and income in the accounts of different.

Battery high density

Need my phone Huawei Mate 10 وMate 10 Pro on a powerful battery with a capacity of 4000 mA does not negate shipping when you want to accomplish the task of emergency, and within just 30 minutes, you can charge your phone and use it on over two days of use, heavy, and features a series of phones with shipping high-speed Supercharge, a technology exceptional swallowed by Huawei to make charging phones faster and safer. Further, the charging technology high-speed is the first of its kind that has been awarded a certificate of adoption by the “t-day in Ryan’s land”, which is the certification the most stringent in the world.

If you want to share photos or files, allows you to feature Huawei’s Share without the need to connect to the internet, they are faster 100 times than Bluetooth and synchronization automatically with other devices. Also, offering you a series phones, Huawei Mate 10 Dual SIM cards allows you to use the telephone numbers are different, the personal number and the other to work, you can also use series phones, Huawei Mate 10 comes tablet integrated once connected the screen of the display.

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