Phones Google Pixels 4 and pic sender 4 XL – Specifications, Features, Price!

Google officially announced its new releases of series phones pixels new for 2019: Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL specifications fine camera with an outstanding performance as usual but the price is high and will not be accessible to everyone!

هواتف جوجل بكسل 4 وبكسل 4 XL : المواصفات، المميزات، السعر!

Specifications phones Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

  • Screen: screen pixel 4 5.7-inch Full HD Plus / screen pixel 4 XL $ 6.3-inch Quad HD Plus. Note that the screen in the two phones OLED and 90 hertz.
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Storage capacity: 64 and 128 GB
  • Camera: dual – camera, basic 12-megapixel girl lens F/1.6, camera magnifying glass Telephoto with a 16-megapixel.
  • Battery: pixels 4 with a capacity of 2800 Milli amp, battery Pixel 4 XL with a capacity of 3700 milli-amps.
  • Fast charger 18 watt / wireless charging technology
  • Feature water and dust resistant
  • Feature Face Recognition to unlock the lock
  • Three colors: white, black, orange.

The similarities and differences between Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Similar to the two phones in several aspects such as: design, specs, camera, while different in screen size and battery capacity, the reason for the greater version Pixel 4 XL.

Design: very simple

Unlike other phones classy specifications, the phone comes with Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL design simple and did not try to Google the diligence too.

In the front there is no note of any kind but there is a dialogue I traditional include front camera and sensors facial recognition headsets. From the back we have the rear camera binary and flash combined with in a black box.

هواتف جوجل بكسل 4 وبكسل 4 XL : التصميمPhones Google Pixel 4 pixel 4 XL : design

Phone Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL them to a metal frame of aluminum and the cover glass at the rear and is available in three colors: white, black in addition to Orange New.

The two phones support feature water and dust resistant standard IP68 and there is no place for sensor fingerprinting because Google took it with facial recognition. There is also a stereo speakers external binary.

Screen the best as possible

Screen phone Pixel 4 5.7-inch Full HD Plus density of pixels 444 pixels per inch the screen version larger Pixel 4 XL are $ 6.3 inch Quad HD Plus intensity pixels 533 pixels per inch.

Google Pixel 4 / 4XL White

The screen in both phones OLED at the rate of update 90 hertz what makes them among the best screens we’ve seen in smartphones in 2019, this was the opinion of the foundation Display Mate also specialized in the assessment screen which has the screen of phones Google new Grade A+ as a series for OnePlus 7 Galaxy S 10 noted 10 and iPhone 11 pro.

The screen is also equipped with Ambient EQ to modify the balance of the white color automatically depending on the ambient lighting to improve the quality of the content displayed on the screen.

Technology Motion Sense : don’t need to touch the screen

Phones pixels 4 pixels 4 XL contains the radar called Soli says the broadcasting of electromagnetic waves makes the phone able to distinguish gestures – or moves – carried out by the user with his hand in front of the screen to carry out orders given without the user having to touch the screen regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions.

Using this feature the user can perform several commands through gestures such as changing the song, lock the House, remove notifications, audio control, and much more.

Camera :where the phones Pixel

Phones Google Pixel 4 this year come camera dual 12-megapixel and the lens of the F1.7 camera basic accuracy and 16-megapixel sensor and F2 lens.4 camera magnifier.

هواتف جوجل بكسل 4 وبكسل 4 XL : الكاميرا

Phones Google Pixel as long as I know its performance is possible at the level of the camera and photography this year has seen the camera significant developments and the most important features of my camera phone Pixel 4 pixel 4 XL as follows:

  • The technique of optical and electronic stabilization in both cameras.
  • Technology Dual Pixel for AF
  • Feature Super-res zoom to zoom in without distortion.
  • Property Live HDR Plus for the HDR effect in camera app in the neighborhood prior to capturing the image.
  • Feature Night Sight for night photography is faster and better than before and have a photo of the sky with high quality.
  • Photography computer based image processing software are play a stronger role and better in improving the sound quality.
  • Feature Dual Exposure to adjust the brightness (illumination) in the image and amount of detail in places of the shadows.
  • The incarnation of the property to Portrait Mode thanks to the second camera and artificial intelligence techniques.

Specifications internal

Download phones pixels 4 and the pixels 4 XL Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 high performance with a ram of 6 GB and the raw system Android 10 means the performance of the special and smooth running games and applications, and the competition between them.

هواتف جوجل بكسل 4 وبكسل 4 XL : المواصفات الداخلية

Storage capacity 64 and 128 GB without a port to add external memory, the user can add a connection to a regular one as there is an electronic chip eSIM other.

Battery phone Pixel 4 with a capacity of 2800 Milli amp and less than the average kind either card Pixel 4 XL they are with a capacity of 3700 mAh amp will hold off judgement on the battery until tested. There is a purchase fast charger 18-Watt also supports the two phones wireless charging technology.

Prices phones Google Pixel 4

  • Price Phone Pixel 4 capacity 64 GB: 800$
  • Price Phone Pixel 4 128 GB: 900$
  • Price Phone Pixel 4 XL capacity 64 GB: 900$
  • Price Phone Pixel 4 XL 128 GB: 1000$

Begins the launch of the phones Pixel 4 pixel 4 XL in the markets the end of October and will be available first in European and American markets in addition to the the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and to other states later.

Prices phones Google Pixel 4 look exaggerated for phones competition as well as taking storage capacity into account which were supposed to become larger than it is.

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